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F*ck it.  Just f*cking shoot me now, the stupidity is reaching epidemic proportions. 

Futile though it may be, let us pause for a moment and do that which is consummately foreign to Conservatives:  think.  How would a potential offender prevent you from displaying a Canadian flag on your person or on your property?  There are four possibilities:  verbal threats, physical intimidation, assault, or theft.  Those four acts are all, at present, offences under the Criminal Code of Canada.  Wow, what a surprise such conduct would be criminalized in what I had been led to believe was a civilized society.  So, if some unpatriotic malefactor dares to dampen your flag unfurling fervour through verbal threats, physical intimidation, assault, or theft you can press charges. 

If such a law is superfluous, why is it being proposed?  I have had a large Canadian flag prominently displayed in my apartment for more than a decade, and I have frequently displayed the flag on my person in the form of pins, a necktie, and a jacket with its imprint on numerous occasions in numerous locations (including some areas of Québec not known for their love of Canadiana) and *no one has ever* interfered with my right to freedom of expression.  I’m also a fairly avid consumer of news, and unless I’ve missed a flood of stories about marauding maple leaf mauling miscreants on the prowl denying Canadians the peaceful enjoyment of their patriotism, I cannot fathom why this should be a pressing issue. 

In a free society, we don’t criminalize acts - still less do we create redundant offences - in the furtherance of a partisan political narrative.  And note that the offence only applies “provided that (a) the flag is displayed in a manner befitting this national symbol; (b) the display is not for an improper purpose or use; (c) the flag is not subjected to desecration.”  Thus, I suspect, in practice those displaying the flag during protests against certain actions or policies of the police, the armed forces, or the government would not have their right to patriotic expression protected as such lawful protests would constitute “an improper purpose or use” (never mind that anyone who knows anything of statutory drafting would object to the vagueness of that inane phrase, or, indeed, to the term “desecration” which is dangerously subjective). 

Living in Harperland is akin to living through One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest without the humour or pathos, and with the lobotomy being performed in increments. 


     -     SMK